2 April 2012

April Photo-A-Day Challenge!


Hi Girls!

I have been trying very hard to think of a way that I can blog every day, and recently, I came across the April Photo-A-Day Challenge! I have seen these challenges done before, and I thought it would be cool to try it out on my blog, instead of on twitter (not that I have anything against twitter, I just need more than 140 characters to be able to get my point across, as I am sure you have realized.)

So, I decided to go for it! Here is what the challenge entails:

Keep your fingers crossed, darlings! I am starting out with this today, because I did not have time yesterday to put up April 1st's photo. That said, please do not count on a photo every day, as there will be days where I am too busy, or too exhausted to even consider blogging (despite that it is not the most strenuous occupation in the world), and until I get some cash, don't count on amazing quality photos, either, I'm afraid - my blackberry camera is going to just have to cut it for all of us for the time being (I wish it was better quality too, I assure you)! 

So, here are the photos from yesterday and today!

April 1st: Your Reflection

Please pardon the fact that my bathroom mirror is really quite dusty. I need to clean it, apparently. Perhaps this is the other good thing about this challenge, it will show me when/where I need to clean things in my house.

April 2nd: Colour

In this case, I took a picture of the most brightly coloured thing I had close by - my laptop! It's a plain white macbook… when you don't have a hot pink hard plastic cover on it… with matching hot pink silicone keyboard cover. I adore it. The cover keeps my laptop (also absolutely my baby) safe and sound, as well as being completely adorable!

Anyway, I shall speak to you again as soon as possible - Hopefully tomorrow for April 3rd's photo - Mail!



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