4 April 2012

April Photo-A-Day: Part 2!

Hi Loves!

Well, time for the next instalment of my April Photo-A-Day challenge!

I didn't quite get around to posting yesterday, so we've got days 3 and 4 today.

Day 3 - Mail

This is a photo of the mailbox on the outside of my house. The mail goes in (obviously) and it says "MAIL" right on it. I considered taking a picture of my actual mail, but I was afraid of the crazies and decided not to post my address all over the internet. Generally not a good idea, wouldn't you agree?

And Day 4 (today!) is Someone Who Makes You Happy

I couldn't choose. I had to pick two of the people who make me the happiest in the world. These two girls are my best friends - have been since I was very small. These two, between the pair of them, are always there to make me smile if I'm upset, or to share in my happiness when things go right. I like to think I do the same for them. I love them both to the moon and back, and I wouldn't give them up for anything. Having them in my life makes me happy every single day, regardless of what's going on. They are my inner glitter. <3

Anyway, I'll stop sapping at you for now. I'll be back with more pictures after the Easter long weekend! I'll be away from my laptop from Thursday night til Sunday night, so between then, I won't be posting. I shall miss all of you, though!



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