13 May 2012

Trend to Try - Peplum

Hi Girls!

So - before I start this post, I have two confessions to make. The first, is that despite my writing a post about how to wear something that follows the peplum trend, I own no peplum. I have looked at peplum, and am now writing this on the subject, but currently have none in my wardrobe. The second confession is that I doubled-up on trends in this post - peplum and colour-blocking. Both are good for spring. I like colour, so colour-blocking is almost second-nature to me at this point. I apologize in advance if it is too much for your tender eyeballs. 

So - peplum. This was a huge trend on the runways this past spring. 

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Now, because peplum is a trend, I want to go ahead with a disclaimer that highlights the fact that just because this is a trend, does not necessarily mean that it is going to work on your body type. As much as I think that peplum in particular can translate well between body types, you have to wear what makes you comfortable, and what you think looks good on you.

Peplum is a really, really girly concept. It's frilly, and it highlights how tiny your natural waist is. Because of this, it can work well on curvier girls (like myself), because it will highlight your enviable hourglass shape, however, on those of you with thinner, or more boyish body types, it can also create the illusion of curves that may or may not be present. 

Peplum also comes in 3 major forms: the top, the dress, and the skirt. The peplum dress is probably the most commonly seen variety. It has been seen on numerous celebrities recently, and may be the easiest to translate into your wardrobe. We're going to look at all three.

The first way I played with was through a top:

I actually think I like the peplum top best of all of the peplums. Pencil skirts make me batty, so I like that you can do peplum and pants here! To avoid looking too stuffy, and to throw in a little colour-blocking, I pulled in a contrasting bright blue cardigan to go with my yellow top. Because Jeans are a pseudo-neutral, and I already went with two super-bright things on top, I kept the rest of the accessories fairly simple, and neutral. Flat shoes and an army-inspired bag keep the outfit from being too over-the-top girly, while the ring pulls a little feminine touch back in.

The second way I played with this is in a dress:

This is one look that I feel like could work from office to a night out. I like that the knee-length of the dress and the blazer keep the whole thing classy and work appropriate - to go from office to party, you would just have to change to black pumps, ditch the blazer, change to dangly earrings, and swap the tote for a clutch. That's not entirely unreasonable, I don't think. you could also dress it down by changing to flats and a cardigan instead. It's actually a very versatile piece, considering that it is so trendy. The solid colour helps in that regard, for sure.

The third (and final!) way that I experimented with the peplum trend is in skirt-form.

I tried to keep this outfit way more casual than the first two - I envision this for a day out with friends, or even a casual daytime date. The pattern on the top is really playful (I love the palm trees with the Peter Pan collar!) but is still in a neutral colour palette, which really pops the green of the skirt - I also contrasted the green with an orange bag, just because I think using one colour in an outfit is super boring! From these two colours, I kept the rest of the outfit consistent - the bracelets have shades of orange and green in them, and the earrings match almost perfectly. I know a lot of you are probably screaming in your heads at me for pairing a skirt with these tennis shoes, but I quite like it. They're comfortable, and very different - it would be really typical to wear ballet flats, but because we already have an atypical colour palette and print on the top, I figured "why not?" Fashion is supposed to be fun, after all!

So, will you try the peplum trend? I feel like, after posting this, I should hit my local mall and try and find some for myself!



6 May 2012

What's In My Bag?

Hi Girls!

Okay, so obviously I win the prize for most inconsistent blogger ever. But, I'm trying. Obviously the April Photo-A-Day thing was a huge fail, but I hope you all enjoyed it while it lasted! Today, I have for you a new post - I used to LOVE the InStyle Blog's "What's in Her Purse" feature - probably because I'm a nosy person and I love to see what other girls keep in their bags. The "What's in My Purse" Videos are also my favourites to watch on YouTube as well. 

So, because my web provider will no longer allow me to upload videos to YouTube, I will be doing mine blog-style. 

To begin, I would like to introduce you all to Tommy. 

Tommy is my new bag-bff. I purchased him at Winners at a discount - I cannot pass up a good discount! (No, really… It's a legitimate problem) Anyway, Tommy is a white Tommy Hilfiger Shoulder Tote - I have been carrying this bag EVERYWHERE - to work, after work, the whole business. As much as I love  my tiny bags, sometimes you just need a bag that will hold your entire life in it. I like my giant bag. 

This is what is in my giant bag on a regular basis - sometimes I take a few things out and leave them at home, but this is most often what the contents of my bag look like:

Obviously, being as how the bag is huge, there's a lot of stuff in there. I do carry it back and forth to work, so that's where some of the "my whole life is in my bag" things come from. I am going to go through and list everything that is in my bag - starting on the far left, and just going around to the opposite side.

1. Reuseable Water Bottle
2. 5 Cobalt Gum (it's Peppermint)
3. Bath & Body Works Hawaii Coconut Body Lotion
4. A Watch
5. A travel pack of tissues from Shopper's Drug Mart
6. My agenda
7. iPod Nano 16Gb & headphones
8. My house keys with a small USB Flash Drive and a Mini Hand Sanitizer from Bath & Body Works
9. An EOS Lip Balm in Sweet Mint
10. My little makeup bag (I'm going to go through that specifically for you)
11. Bath & Body Works Hawaii Coconut Body Spray (my FAVOURITE Summer Scent!!)
12. A pack of bobby pins from the dollar store
13. My phone (A Blackberry Torch 9800)
14. A travel hairbrush 
15. My little wallet/card case (I try not to carry a huge wallet to work - I'd rather not risk it getting lost)
16. Pens
17. A little bottle of tylenol
18. My sunglasses
19. My regular glasses

And that's it! Obviously there's a lot of stuff in there - and it can be heavy sometimes (like when my water bottle isn't totally empty). 

I do keep a small makeup bag in my purse for touch-ups, because my makeup very rarely lasts for the full day - I put it on at about 6:30 in the morning, and it doesn't come off until after 11 at night most nights. I don't think it matters how long the company says the product will last - no makeup can last 17 hours without touch-ups.

So, this is what's in my makeup bag:

1. Lip glosses from NARS - 3 of these are the "Larger than Life" glosses, which are basically liquid lipstick, and the fourth is just a regular gloss in Ophelia (my absolute favourite)
2. Nail Clippers
3. Tiny hair elastics
4. Random loose bobby pins
5. A Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in 01 (Black)
6. A sample of Mac's Zoom Lash 
7. 2 Goody Spin Pins
8. A NARS concealer in Vanilla
9. A mini powder brush and eyebrow/eyelash comb
10. A little swiss-army-ish nail file (it's also a little knife and a bottle-opener)
11. Some regular hair-ties of the non-slip variety
12. Mac Prep + Prime Pressed Powder
13. Maybelline Babylips in Quenched
14. A Swarovski Crystal encrusted Hello Kitty mirror
15. 3 Band-Aids

Again, a lot of stuff in a small space. But, a necessary evil for a girly-girl such as myself!

So, that is the run-down of everything that is currently in my purse. As I said, sometimes things get taken out, or even added in, depending on the event - but that's the basics. 

I hope you are all having a great day or night, depending when you read this, and I shall blog at you again soon!