24 June 2011

I'm Loving.... #1!

Hey Girls!

I really wanted to do this post to tell you all about the things, colours, ideas, and trends I've been loving in the last little while! I wanted to kind of use this as a way to communicate to you what I'm gravitating toward, and what is inspiring me lately. This should also tell you about what I've been wearing lately until I can find a real-life camera that takes pictures that don't make it look like a sugar-high child with parkinson's disease (pardon my political incorrectness - don't be offended!) took the picture for me. Long story short, my current camera completely sucks, and I can't afford a new one.

Enough of the camera bashing! (I'll get something rigged up soon, I promise - then we'll have Outfit of the Day posts, too.) This post is supposed to be about things I'm loving, not things I'm griping about. I've found some examples of things to show you, so you can get an idea, visually, of what I'm talking about, rather than me just talking on and on for this whole time and you all sitting in at home (or work, or school!) willing me to shut up, haha.

The first thing I really wanted to talk about was Crochet!

My mother is actually a huge knit-a-holic, if she isn't at work, eating, or asleep, chances are best she's knitting... something! It's kind of cool, though - I'll never run out of socks, or mittens in the winter. :) That said, she also crochets. The last time I went out shopping with her, I pointed out a really cute crochet vest (I think it may have been at Old Navy) - she told me to find her a pattern and tell her what colour yarn to look for, she'd make it for less money. I totally love that!

I have been loving that the vintage and hand-made look at crochet has been making a comeback this summer. I think this is mostly thanks to the surging 70's trend - when flare-leg jeans, stick straight hair, and crocheted almost anything were a big deal. Well, it's a big deal again, and I am in LOVE with the crocheted sandal in the picture above. I also think that these '40's-inspired headbands with the wire in them are super cute. (a great place to find them is at Dolly Bow Bow - a website run by a UK Youtube Guru - Kate has a ton of different colours and patterns to choose from, ships worldwide, and is priced reasonably.) They add a great vintage touch to your look, as well as being a bit out-of-the-box from your normal headwraps and hairbands. This particular one happens to be crocheted, which makes it kind of "double-vintage." I think the top I picked out (despite being kind of an awkward burnt mustard shade) could be really cute over a bikini at the beach, or just over a tank top or bandeau for everyday, but really only if you keep the reast of your outfit fairly plain and neural.

Obviously when you're working with a trend like crochet, you should be careful to not wear top-to-toe crochet, otherwise you'll just wind up looking like a big pile of yarn. It's okay to keep the trend (as with all trends) to a single item in your outfit - it can work as either the focus (note the sweater), or as an accent piece (as in the case of the sandal, headband, or bag). As a focal point in your outfit, it's okay to go big and chunky with your crochet piece, because it's the part you want people to notice first. The accent crochet is meant only to add texture to an outfit. (I'm going to go over the "point" of accessorizing in a future post - kind of a how-to mix with a "why?") Accents like this should not over-power the rest of your look!

The second thing that I have seriously been loving lately are adorable little flats like the ones you see below.

Flats (Clockwise from Top): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

 Because of some problems I've had with my knees in the past, heels are a doctor-perscribed no-no for me. As sad as that may sometimes make me, I have come to really enjoy finding cute and different flats like some of the ones you see above. Thankfully, I'm already pretty tall, so I don't have to worry about people towering over me (yay!). Embracing flats has probably been one of the best things I have done for myself. Unlike a lot of other kinds of shoes, flats really do come in a variety of styles and colours, making it really easy to dress any outfit up, or make it more casual.

I have been really enjoying the fact  that flats (like the ones seen above) are starting to imitate shoes that before only came with a heel on them. (Example - espadrille flats. They have the straw-looking stuff around the bottoms, but they aren't a wedge!) I am particularly fond of the black floral flats above - they are T-Strap flats. We've all seen T-strap heels, but these are flat (obviously!) - I love that the style remains the same - vintage inspired, and overall very cute. I feel like the fact that these are a flat makes them more versatile - you could literally wear them anywhere, and with almost anything, and you can get that same cute "throwback aesthetic" as with the heels, but they are obviously going to be guaranteed to be more comfortable, just based on the fact that they're flat.

Flats are also a great alternative to flip-flops for summertime. I know myself that on days when I'm feeling particularly lazy, I tend to go for my stack of flip-flops. They're just that easy. If I'm not three-quarters asleep while I'm putting shoes on, I normally am able to remind myself that I really just have to shove my feet into a pair of flats, too, and I usually convince myself to go with the flat instead of the flop (ha!).

I could probably spout off for days about how much I love flats. Suffice it to say I wear flats more than anything else. Most have holes in them, or are damaged from rain or other weather-related things, but I refuse to part with them.

The next thing I really wanted to turn your attention to are knee-length skirts. All of the ones in the picture I've posted are from a UK website called Dorothy Perkins. I'm obsessed.

Top Row: 1, 2, 3

Bottom Row: 4, 5, 6, 7

The reason I love these particular skirts is because they are not only super cute, but also because they are so classy, and girly. They're covered enough to be appropriate for a workplace situation, but also cute to wear just out with friends, or on a date. They're modest, and don't demand a lot of "flash watching" (ie. careful how you stand so that you're back end doesn't find itself exposed to the universe), and, at least for me, they're a bit easier to create outfits around than a maxi skirt. Because I'm not insanely tall, and I have to wear flat shoes all the time, I find it's quite easy to walk on a maxi skirt, which makes it difficult getting around.

I am, in case you couldn't already tell by this blog, a very girly girl. At any moment, you will probably find me in something that is overtly feminine - like florals, girly prints (like the butterfly one, seen above), pink, or gigantic bows... except today, oddly enough. Due to this, I also love skirts and sundresses for summer. Again, easy pieces with enough structure to still look pretty and presentable, but not so much that I'm suffocating. I try to look presentable at any point, because I am a firm believer that first impressions do count, and that they count for a lot. Think about it - if you were dressed like a slob, would people be drawn to you? If you talk to them, would they focus on your words, or the fact that you look like garbage? It only makes sense to look relatively decent, because you never know who you're going to meet or even when. I don't want to miss any opportunity over a pair of sweatpants; but that's just the way I look at it. You don't have to agree with me!

The last thing I've been super into lately (don't ask me why) is the colour yellow!

This isn't limited to just clothing - I don't actually own that much that's yellow, but depite that, I have been finding myself really drawn to the colour. I window-shop online sometimes when I'm feeling bored (ie. when I'm not furiously typing blog posts), and I've been finding myself clicking on more and more yellow! This is kind of odd for me. I'm usually a pink/purple/blue/green girl. Then, I went on a neutral kick - I looked at things, and wore things, in black, brown, navy, grey, and white. I guess now it's yellow. Hmm... maybe I crave colours, instead of craving food? No... that can't be it! I crave food too!

Okay, now that we've established that I'm a wierdo (don't worry, I'm good with it), I've been loving all kinds of things in yellow - from tops to skirts, to dresses, to accessories. I am actually fawning over this yellow Dooney & Bourke clutch, as well as the two skirts, and the floppy hat... well, the whole picture, if I'm honest.
I'm not sure what my next "colour craving" is going to be, but I'm liking this one. Brights are huge for summer, and pairing yellow with things in other colours is pretty easy - it's one of those colours that only really clashes with a couple of things. My favourite kind of "unexpected" yellow combinations are yellow with purple, and also yellow with aqua/turquoise. I love it. :)

Well, that's what I'm loving for now. I'll probably do more of these posts, because they're fun for me to write (not that the others aren't!) and they give you a lot of insight into what's going on fashion-wise in my head right now. My head's a scary place sometimes, but the fashion part is always fun!

Talk to you very soon!




17 June 2011

Time To Lock & Roll! - A Review

Hey Girls! 

I have been looking at the Tarte Lock & Roll eyeshadows for a while now, ever since watching a video by Blair Fowler (aka Juicystar07, on YouTube) where she raved about their quality. I had thought, and still do think that the concept is actually a great idea – a cream shadow layered under a powder shadow of the same colour – the cream acts as a colour base, and the powder sets it, literally locking the colour onto your lids.

Well, I wandered into my local Sephora about a month ago, and I picked up two different shades of these interesting little shadows – The first in Quartz (a kind of dusty metallic pink) and the second in Rose Gold (literally, it’s Rose Gold - the colour is almost exact, and it is also metallic).

(Photo courtesy of Tarte Cosmetics Website)

According to the Sephora website, these shadows are formulated without Parabens (which can cause cancer, apparently – although, the bronze shade in these shadows does include Parabens, so I’d avoid that one like the plague!), sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petro-chemicals, and Phthalates. I have no idea how to pronounce that last one, let alone its “function” in cosmetics. Generally, if I can’t pronounce it, I try not to eat it, or slather it all over my face, so I am totally okay with that not being included in the list of ingredients. What they do include, are naturally-occurring ingredients, and good-for-you things like Mineral pigments and vitamin E. Personally, I would be more than happy if all of my makeup included only naturally-occurring substances, and lacked anything that could seriously hurt me. I don’t think I’m alone in that sentiment. This doesn’t mean I’m going to stop using makeup by any stretch of the imagination (the prospect of me not wearing makeup actually makes me laugh, it’s just so silly!)

Anyway, getting back to topic, if you look at the product photograph on the Sephora website (like I did), and you zoom into the brush applicator of the cream side of the product, you will notice that it looks like there is just a bit of chunky glitter on that brush. The product itself does not look chunky. For me to say that the “Cream” aspect of this shadow was not chunky would be an outright lie. The product comes out in clumps, and tends to cling all the way up the length of the brush. This actually looks kind of gross as the product clumps up on the brush – I was a bit shocked when I first tested it out and found this.

The directions for use are listed on the Tarte website, and read as follows:

“Step 1: Brush a sheer wash of the Vitamin E-enriched cream shadow on lids—wait about 10 seconds for it to dry.

Step 2: Tap roller ball to actuate product, then roll the matching loose mineral-based shadow directly on top—the binding agents in the cream shadow will lock with the powder, creating a crease-free, budgeproof finish.”

To be frank, if you follow these directions, what you will have on your eyelids is a mess. This look is not going to be a good one – if you follow step 1 literally and use the brush to kind of paint your lids with the cream shadow, it will be fairly thick, not to mention chunky! I tried this once, and took it off again, it was way too much product all at once. What I do instead, and what I recommend, is to follow the following steps to achieve the best result overall.

Step 1: Prime your lids with your favourite eyeshadow primer (I suggest Urban Decay’s Primer Potion)
Step 2: Dot some of the cream shadow on your lids using the brush.
Step 3: Pat the product to spread it over your whole lid using your ring finger.
Step 4: Wait a few seconds, until the product starts to feel tacky or sticky.
Step 5: Roll the powder shadow over the tacky cream base.
Step 6: Wait until completely dry, and then finish makeup as normal.

It actually takes me a full 6 steps to use these shadows, not the 2 recommended by the company. I also recommend putting a primer on before the cream base, only to ensure that the shadow really will not crease. I’ve never tried using this shadow without a primer, simply because I’m a major fan of primer, and I have oily lids, which will cause anything to crease and slip all over the place. It wouldn’t be a fair review if I hadn’t used the primer, basically. I have biased lids, haha.
These shadows, once properly applied to the lids, are extremely pigmented. I can see the metallic nature of the shadows being an issue for older eyes, or for people who don’t like a ton of sheen to their shadow. Because these shadows are so pigmented, and are really the definition of metallic, their application must be done carefully, and with a steady hand. It is really easy to apply them quickly, once you have practiced, and know what you're doing. Trust me, as good as I am about makeup, and being careful, my first application of these was a nightmare. I managed to get the sticky cream shadow base almost all over my eye area - even out toward my temples. It also got in my eyelashes, and was rather difficult to get off. Once the cream shadow turns tacky, it is no longer blendable, so you're either stuck with your mess, or you have to wipe the whole works off using makeup remover and try it again. 

Now, once the shadow is on my lids, over the primer, it does not move! It’s been really hot where I live lately, and in the heat of the sun, it didn’t move. It didn’t move when I actually managed to get sweat in my eyes, and it didn’t move when I got caught in a torrential downpour (complete with thunder and lightning!)! This stuff does what it says it’ll do – it lasts FOREVER.

That said, the staying power of the shadow itself does not mean that it’s hard to get off once you put it on. I just use a “Yes to Cucumbers” makeup wipe, and as normal, gently press it onto my lids, and hold it there for about a minute, and the product just wipes away. It actually comes off slightly easier than my Benefit creasless cream shadow/liners, but not as easily as a simple powder shadow. I think it has something to do with the fact that the cream initially dries a bit tacky, so it sticks right to my lid.

Overall, the only kind of “negative” point I could find about the concept was the chunkiness of the cream product. Once you pat the shadow onto your lids with your finger, the chunks kind of break up/dissolve/spread out/stop being chunky, and the whole product becomes smooth. The wear on these is as advertised. I don't find that they crease, and they don't slide down your face as the day goes on. I think, if I were going to grade these (a la Temptalia, or my teacher-alter-ego), I would give them a B, simply because of the chunk factor, which is more gross than anything else, and because they can be a pain in the behind to apply. I would recommend these to my girls who are on the go - they are a time-saver, and they stop you having to re-apply throughout the day. They are also very portable, because they are about the same size (length-wise) as a mechanical pencil, and about the same width around as a regular pencil. 

Interested? Purchase yours online via Sephora or Tarte's websites.

I hope you enjoyed this post - or at least found it informative.

Talk soon.




16 June 2011

The Sincerest Form of Flattery #1

Hey girls!

I know most of us probably have celebrities whose style we’d love to be able to copy. The problem is, how? Limited budgets, and no personal stylist aside, some of these celebs have pretty out-of-the-box ideas as far as fashion goes (And no, I don’t just mean Lady GaGa… though I think she would be the glossy photo next to the definition of “hard to re-create!”)

This post is going to be the first in my new “Sincerest Form of Flattery” series, and for this I have picked a celebrity who has graced both best and worst-dressed lists, but who is usually overlooked by many of us, because she is atypical. Her quirky style is part vintage, part hipster, and part grunge.

I give you…. Florence Welch!

You will recognize Florence from her musical career (Florence + The Machine… sound familiar?). She is probably best known for her singles “Kiss With a Fist” (hear it here) and “Dog Days Are Over” (As heard in the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” and in an episode of “Gossip Girl.” Hear it here).

Her style is one that sometimes makes me think “oh hey! Cute!” and sometimes, I just cringe and wonder who let her out of the house dressed like that. I like Florence’s style because it is so different, and because it makes me think. Not only about what she’s wearing, but also about what I’m wearing. As I sit here and type this, clad in… well… boring, Florence makes me wish I had put on earrings, and a necklace, and about 4 more bracelets. She also makes me happy that my plain, black Jeggings zip up the side. You will notice that throughout, accessories play a huge part in the “Quirk-factor” of Florence’s outfits. There are also girlie, vintage-inspired elements, which are toughened up with more edgy pieces.

Be forewarned, though. If you’re going to try to emulate a celebrity’s outfit, try to look as carefully as you can at her picture. There may be a lot more going on in there than you think!

This first outfit was one worn by Florence to the Glastonbury Festival in 2010. The look overall is quirky and cute, and probably more inspired by the fact that Glastonbury is a gigantic outdoor festival than anything else. It’s a little grunge-y, but overall, she looks as though she’s quite comfortable.

At first, when I looked at this picture (not being overly careful, myself), it seemed as though she was wearing two tank tops (one black, one lace), and then a black tiered skirt. Wrong!! She’s actually wearing a black tank dress, with the cropped lace tank overtop. Obviously, lace is see-through – it demands that you wear something under it! Florence picked to do a dress. If it had been me, I would have done the tank and skirt combo. Florence isn’t me, therefore, her way wins!

You will also notice that she toughened this look up a LOT by grabbing what look like rubberized combat boots! She also dares to pair a black and brown bag with her mostly-black outfit. I couldn’t find a similar one, so I went with this texturized one in shades of brown. Again, the mixing of neutrals used to be a bit of a fashion taboo. Don’t be afraid of it! They’re only neutrals, and neutrals go with everything… including each other! (Do you hear me Grandma?? I’m blatantly disobeying you with neutrals!!)

The pops of colour for Florence’s outfit come in her layered bracelets, layered necklaces, and in her sunglasses (wow… something she didn’t layer!). I went for the same aesthetic – mixed metallics (silver with gold – much like black with brown, is totally acceptable!), and shades from the same colour family. No two are exactly the same, because Florence knows that colours don’t have to match precisely, they just have to “go.” That is, they need to not clash and be headache-inducing when sat side-by-side (think of that “bright yellow next to tangerine” headache).

This second photograph was also taken at Glastonbury Festival. I love the fact that Florence didn’t pair any neutrals in her actual clothing for this outfit. She also didn’t really stick to a continuous colour family, which gives the whole look that effortless “oh, this? I just threw this on” look, which is eternally chic.

The look of her jacket here is more western-inspired, with its fringe detailing and apparent suede (or faux-suede) material. The jacket off-sets the girly aesthetic of the dress, which has a subtle floral pattern. I switched the colours up a bit in the outfit I put together, and exchanged the western-style jacket for a more on-trend military style jacket, but the overall tone is the same.

The whole outfit was pushed to the side a bit when I glimpsed the “bag” she’s carrying. It looks like it’s made out of wood, and seems to me to be a kind of “repurposed bread-box” style. Not only did the bag actually confuse me, and space me out for a bit, I couldn’t find anything that even slightly resembled the bag she carries here! So I ran with the whole “wooden bag” concept. The clutch/cross-body bag I went with here lends a little earthiness to the whole outfit, and works as a neutral in what could otherwise be a very bright and overwhelming outfit. The fact that it is a wooden bag lends the same eye-catching and “wow, that’s not something you see every day” sentiment to the outfit as Florence’s breadbox-turned-purse does. I also happen to think that the combination of sandals with socks in this outfit is the only way you can wear socks with sandals without looking like a total fashion reject. Florence’s sandals are a light tan/nude colour, and the straps are matte. I get the feeling that this may have been more about comfort than style – I personally find that strappy sandals like these have a tendency to cut into my feet – socks would actually stop this from happening.

Dress, Booties, Socks, Rings: 1, 2, 3

The last look I’m covering in this post is one that actually landed our friend Florence on a “Worst-dressed List.” I’m about 90% sure it’s because of the dress… the length, the fact that the “lining” stops about a third of the way down her legs, but the lace keeps going… or the fact that the lace itself looks like a doily gone wrong. I must say, though, that although many of you will probably find the dress-socks-and-booties combination to be a bit much, I quite like it. I do think, though, that had the dress been a bit shorter (like the one I picked for my “inspired” outfit), that it would have looked a lot better. I like the vintage tone of it all together. Again, Florence has kept her accessories fairly minimalistic. She just put on a few silver rings, and, with this white/off-white dress, has let her gorgeous red hair do all the talking. I find that she does this quite often in her formal wear – it’s rare to see Florence in a colour when she’s at an event or is performing, she sticks to black or white, and really lets her hair be the starring component of her outfit. Frankly, if I had hair like Florence’s, I’d let it do my talking for me, too. All I did with this “inspired” look was to shorten the dress. I liked the way it looked with long sleeves, and kept it fairly structured.

Well, that’s it for this post! Please let me know what you think of this little series of mine in the comments, and if there are any celebrities you’d like to see inspired outfit posts on, let me know and I will do my best to get something together for you!

I leave you with a music video from Florence Welch's band, Florence + The Machine. The name of the song is "You've Got the Love" from the album Lungs.

Talk to you very soon.



12 June 2011

Because.... I Love This!

Yeah, I love this song. I decided to post it to my blog. I may or may not do this a lot, depending on how many songs I find that I LOVE.

Also, and unrelated... YAY for learning how to embed video into Blogger! This is a triumph for my un-technical self.

The Song: JoJo - The Other Chick.

10 June 2011

1 Pair of Moccasins... 3 Different Ways!

Hey girls!

This post is going to be a bit different than my last two - this time, I've got a fashion tidbit for you! (Yay! Lucky all of you!)

So, long story made short, what I did was I took one pair of Moccasins (which, by the way, I am totally obsessed with), and paired them with three very different outfits.

To begin, this is the moccasin I chose to use. (Interested? You can find them here) The reason I chose this over any other moccasin, or moccasin-style shoe, is because they are so simple. They have a little bit of fringe detailing, and a small bow, but that's as far as it goes. You can, of course, deviate from my personal choice by choosing coloured, embroidered, or even studded moccasins - it's all up to you.

The first way I decided to incorporate these babies into an outfit looks like this:

Personally, I think this outfit would be great for a date, but it could also work if you were going to a summer class or out running errands. It is one of those summer-y "all-purpose" outfits, which are very handy. I kept the accessories here neutral, and in shades of brown. I let the dress speak for itself, simply because it is such a pretty colour. I kept the entire outfit subtle in detail, because I feel like the fact that this is an "all-purpose" kind of outfit, that too much detail would overwhelm that concept, and therefore stop it from being so all-purpose. If you keep your look a little conservative, it's easy to go from dinner with the grandparents, to a movie with your guy, to a shopping date with the girls. Also, speaking of all of those places and situations, I did make sure that the bag I used (find it here) was a tote-sized one, so that you are able to keep a simple cardigan (I would reccomend a light, white one like this one) in your bag in case it gets cold in the restaurant/movie theatre/mall.

This outfit is a little less all-purpose than the last one. It also needs somebody who is a little daring with her clothes to pull it off - the mixing of black and brown is something that most of us grew up being told was never ever okay. Newsflash: it's totally fine to mix neutrals, as long as you have the inner confidence to pull it off. If you're not sure in your clothes, absolutely everyone you walk past is going to see that first - your clothes will wear you.

The reasons why I put all of this together are fairly simple. I loved the aesthetic of the high-waisted light pink shorts (find them here), with the printed top (find it here). Normally, I would have paired this tank with simple denim shorts, but I thought that the unexpectedness of the multi-coloured hearts (in a sea of multi-coloured polka dots, I am loving this tank - it's different in a pleasant way. From far away, they will look like simple spots, but close up, they show they're a bit different. Perfection!) commanded something a little different to go with them. The pink is light enough that it pulls toward being a neutral, without sliding into the realm of the beige. With this top, because it has several colours involved in it, I decided that instead of going to a neutral bag (I could have done another light pink, brown, or black), that it would be along that same "slightly different" line to pull one colour out of the hearts and match the accessory to it. Hence, the green bag (find it here). That said, I went back to neutrals for the other accessories because pulling multiple colours from the top, or doing everything in that same green would have been way too much! The brown of the bracelet, and black of the sunglasses tie the shoes and top together in the outfit, thereby completing it.

This final outfit is the one I see being most useful for those of you who are going to be doing some traveling this summer. Whether this be by air, land or sea, you are going to want to be comfortable, and I feel like this outfit would best accomplish that. 

I used "jeggings" in place of jeans, because with their soft stretch material, they are comfortable enough to withstand a long trip, and the tunic-length top (found here) is made of a soft jersey material, which is going to breathe better and be more comfortable than anything else. Notice, though, that despite the "comfort-factor" of these clothes, they are still structured and presentable. (I do not condone sweatpants for travel in any case! Save the sweats for the gym, please.) I kept the outfit to a fairly simple colour palette - neutrals with pops of pink. I also didn't add a great deal of crazy jewelry for this, simply because with airport scanners and things, you are going to need to be able to remove and put your jewelry back quickly and without a lot of hassle. I also included a bag (found here) big enough to hold all of your essentials - your laptop, book (or books!), water bottle, wallet, makeup bag, a cardigan... the list goes on. I'm sure you all get the picture without my listing the entire contents of my bag (haha). The rest of the accessories in this outfit all tie in with one another - the necklace (found here) is plain gold, which plays off of the gold detail in the earrings. The earrings (found here) have some pink in them, which plays off of the pink in the bag. The bag has brown leather handles and other detailing, which plays off of the brown patterned sunglasses (found here) and the all-important moccasins. Every part of this outfit co-ordinates with another part of it. Even the top (found here), with it's cut-out patterning around the bottom, and on the sleeves, plays off of the flower earrings.

**DISCLAIMER: I understand that this outfit's cost is quite a bit higher than the others. I will say this to you now - I believe in paying for quality in most cases. The bag above is by Juicy Couture, and can be used as a carry-on, a school bag, a beach bag, heck, even a diaper bag if you need it to be. If you save your money, and spend a little extra on quality items that are classic pieces, they will last you for many years, and you will not have to replace them as quickly as those you might spend less for. That said, the necklace (found here) in the image above is really expensive (it actually costs more than the bag!), and I only included it because I couldn't find anything that had a less-frightening price tag that fit what I wanted this outfit to look like. If you can find something similar but cheaper, I'd go with that before I spent $200 on a necklace.**

I hope you all have enjoyed this post! Look back for more, and please leave a comment of something you'd like to see outfits centered around. You can be really specific (provide a link to the item!), or general (ie. "How would you wear gladiator sandals?"). Don't forget to let me know what other sorts of things you'd like to see on this blog and/or on my Youtube channel! :-)

Speak to you very soon!



5 June 2011

Nail of the Day!

Nail of the Day: June 5, 2011.

Today marks my first ever "Nail of the Day" post! I borrowed the concept from Allison, or Amarixe (you can find her blog here) who is one of my absolute favourite Youtube gurus.

The polishes I chose for today look like this:

I know the picture isn't so great right now, but my camera is broken *sad* so I had to use my cell phone. 

That said, the colours I chose to use today were Essie's "Smooth Sailing" (3 coats) from the new "Brazilliant" collection for summer, and on my left hand middle finger (see picture), as well as on my right hand ring finger (because I don't like things to be too matchy-matchy) I have 3 coats of OPI's "Last Friday Night" from the Katy Perry Collection. I love the way these polishes go together, and the glitter of "Last Friday Night" means I don't need to wear any rings, which is nice when the weather is this hot.

My boyfriend and I are going to see the new X-Men Movie tonight (his choice) - apparently it's had pretty good reviews, so I'm looking forward to it. 

I am also looking for suggestions for posts! Please leave anything you'd like to see on this blog in the comments section below this post. :) 

I hope you are all having a fantastic day, and I shall speak to you again soon!




Hello there gorgeous reader!

Welcome to my blog! :) I look forward to providing you with lots of fun and interesting content on this website. Click around and enjoy exploring!

I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say, because I look forward to sharing it with you!