10 June 2011

1 Pair of Moccasins... 3 Different Ways!

Hey girls!

This post is going to be a bit different than my last two - this time, I've got a fashion tidbit for you! (Yay! Lucky all of you!)

So, long story made short, what I did was I took one pair of Moccasins (which, by the way, I am totally obsessed with), and paired them with three very different outfits.

To begin, this is the moccasin I chose to use. (Interested? You can find them here) The reason I chose this over any other moccasin, or moccasin-style shoe, is because they are so simple. They have a little bit of fringe detailing, and a small bow, but that's as far as it goes. You can, of course, deviate from my personal choice by choosing coloured, embroidered, or even studded moccasins - it's all up to you.

The first way I decided to incorporate these babies into an outfit looks like this:

Personally, I think this outfit would be great for a date, but it could also work if you were going to a summer class or out running errands. It is one of those summer-y "all-purpose" outfits, which are very handy. I kept the accessories here neutral, and in shades of brown. I let the dress speak for itself, simply because it is such a pretty colour. I kept the entire outfit subtle in detail, because I feel like the fact that this is an "all-purpose" kind of outfit, that too much detail would overwhelm that concept, and therefore stop it from being so all-purpose. If you keep your look a little conservative, it's easy to go from dinner with the grandparents, to a movie with your guy, to a shopping date with the girls. Also, speaking of all of those places and situations, I did make sure that the bag I used (find it here) was a tote-sized one, so that you are able to keep a simple cardigan (I would reccomend a light, white one like this one) in your bag in case it gets cold in the restaurant/movie theatre/mall.

This outfit is a little less all-purpose than the last one. It also needs somebody who is a little daring with her clothes to pull it off - the mixing of black and brown is something that most of us grew up being told was never ever okay. Newsflash: it's totally fine to mix neutrals, as long as you have the inner confidence to pull it off. If you're not sure in your clothes, absolutely everyone you walk past is going to see that first - your clothes will wear you.

The reasons why I put all of this together are fairly simple. I loved the aesthetic of the high-waisted light pink shorts (find them here), with the printed top (find it here). Normally, I would have paired this tank with simple denim shorts, but I thought that the unexpectedness of the multi-coloured hearts (in a sea of multi-coloured polka dots, I am loving this tank - it's different in a pleasant way. From far away, they will look like simple spots, but close up, they show they're a bit different. Perfection!) commanded something a little different to go with them. The pink is light enough that it pulls toward being a neutral, without sliding into the realm of the beige. With this top, because it has several colours involved in it, I decided that instead of going to a neutral bag (I could have done another light pink, brown, or black), that it would be along that same "slightly different" line to pull one colour out of the hearts and match the accessory to it. Hence, the green bag (find it here). That said, I went back to neutrals for the other accessories because pulling multiple colours from the top, or doing everything in that same green would have been way too much! The brown of the bracelet, and black of the sunglasses tie the shoes and top together in the outfit, thereby completing it.

This final outfit is the one I see being most useful for those of you who are going to be doing some traveling this summer. Whether this be by air, land or sea, you are going to want to be comfortable, and I feel like this outfit would best accomplish that. 

I used "jeggings" in place of jeans, because with their soft stretch material, they are comfortable enough to withstand a long trip, and the tunic-length top (found here) is made of a soft jersey material, which is going to breathe better and be more comfortable than anything else. Notice, though, that despite the "comfort-factor" of these clothes, they are still structured and presentable. (I do not condone sweatpants for travel in any case! Save the sweats for the gym, please.) I kept the outfit to a fairly simple colour palette - neutrals with pops of pink. I also didn't add a great deal of crazy jewelry for this, simply because with airport scanners and things, you are going to need to be able to remove and put your jewelry back quickly and without a lot of hassle. I also included a bag (found here) big enough to hold all of your essentials - your laptop, book (or books!), water bottle, wallet, makeup bag, a cardigan... the list goes on. I'm sure you all get the picture without my listing the entire contents of my bag (haha). The rest of the accessories in this outfit all tie in with one another - the necklace (found here) is plain gold, which plays off of the gold detail in the earrings. The earrings (found here) have some pink in them, which plays off of the pink in the bag. The bag has brown leather handles and other detailing, which plays off of the brown patterned sunglasses (found here) and the all-important moccasins. Every part of this outfit co-ordinates with another part of it. Even the top (found here), with it's cut-out patterning around the bottom, and on the sleeves, plays off of the flower earrings.

**DISCLAIMER: I understand that this outfit's cost is quite a bit higher than the others. I will say this to you now - I believe in paying for quality in most cases. The bag above is by Juicy Couture, and can be used as a carry-on, a school bag, a beach bag, heck, even a diaper bag if you need it to be. If you save your money, and spend a little extra on quality items that are classic pieces, they will last you for many years, and you will not have to replace them as quickly as those you might spend less for. That said, the necklace (found here) in the image above is really expensive (it actually costs more than the bag!), and I only included it because I couldn't find anything that had a less-frightening price tag that fit what I wanted this outfit to look like. If you can find something similar but cheaper, I'd go with that before I spent $200 on a necklace.**

I hope you all have enjoyed this post! Look back for more, and please leave a comment of something you'd like to see outfits centered around. You can be really specific (provide a link to the item!), or general (ie. "How would you wear gladiator sandals?"). Don't forget to let me know what other sorts of things you'd like to see on this blog and/or on my Youtube channel! :-)

Speak to you very soon!



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