10 April 2012

April Photo-A-Day Days 5-8

Hello Lovelies! Long time no post!

Well, I suppose considering that my usual "long time no post" greetings are a month spaced, this isn't actually that long.

As I had announced in my last post, I took a mini-hiatus for the Easter weekend, as I was away from home and therefore not able to post anything. But, now I'm back, and I've got 4 photos from over the weekend for you! (Aren't you so excited!)

Here we go...

April 5: Tiny

At the time when this picture was taken, this peeled Cutie orange was the tiniest thing I had near me at the time. It really is tiny! And cute, which, I suppose is why they call them "Cuties." They taste AMAZING, and I have been taking them in my lunch to work for a while now. They're super easy to peel, too, so that's kind of nice. I'm going to stop rambling on about little bitty oranges now - particularly considering this is a beauty and fashion blog (supposedly).

April 6: Lunch

Lunch on Saturday was eaten at probably the coolest restaurant I've ever been to - Crépes à Go Go in Toronto (check them out on Facebook). The restaurant was quite small in size, but the food (again with the food?!) is big on taste, despite its simplicity. The crépes are also not served in the way that you would traditionally think - there are no plates here. Your order is actually served to you in a paper bag, which the waiter will tear open for you when he hands it to you. I will give a word of warning, though, these crépes are definitely fresh - they are about a thousand degrees when you first touch them, I swear! Anyway, this place also had an in-house made variation on a lemonade. My dining companion and I tentatively ordered a small bottle. They were out of small bottles - so we cringed and ordered the large bottle in it's place. We collectively take our cringe back - the Limonana (that's what this amazing brew is called) was AMAZING! The concoction is a mixture of filtered water, mint juice, lemon juice, and evaporated cane juice. The result is a sort-of lemonade that is equal parts palate cleansing and thirst-quenching. It makes an impeccable dance partner to the crépes served in this little café, and I urge all of you to, if you are in the Toronto area, seek out Chef Véronique and her créperie, and try something. Sit inside or outside, and just watch how the place works. That is totally my favourite part - just sitting there and listening to the staff shout back and forth in French to one another is really fun, and adds an authentic French atmosphere to the café. Anyway, if you're around Toronto, go try it out! Believe me, it's awesome.

April 7: Shadow

This is my cousin's cat. Her name is Shadow. Clever, no?

April 8: Inside Your Wallet

Well, the inside of my wallet isn't that exciting, I'm afraid. I do like the wallet itself, though. It was a major bargain from a Claire's store near me - I think when I bought it it was about $5. It's also silver faux-leather with some type of alligator-ish embossing. I like it. Anyway, it doesn't have a great deal in it, aside from a vast number of membership cards and some change. Oh, and coupons. I am apparently an old lady inside - I can't stop clipping coupons. Thankfully, not so much that I am a candidate for the TLC show "Extreme Couponing." That would be... well... extreme.

Anyway, I need a break from typing all of this - I'll get back to you on days 9 and 10 tomorrow (hopefully). I've been at this big guy for hours!

I hope you are all having a lovely day or night, and I shall speak to you soon!



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