31 August 2012

Fall Colours #2!

Hey Girlies!

This is going to be the second instalment of my fall colours-inspired outfit posts! I hope you are enjoying them so far, as I have been enjoying putting the outfits together.

I have two more outfits for you today - both are pretty casual, and I am loving their laid-back vibes!

Here's the first one:

This outfit is super casual, and I am loving it! I have been finding myself gravitating toward larger, loose-fitting tops and jeggings or leggings a lot lately - they're just so comfortable after I get out of my work clothes!

I dressed this up with a frilly, pinkish toned leather jacket, and kept the jewelry pretty plain. I didn't want to go way over the top with the jewelry when I had already used 4 of our available colours. I used:

Rose Smoke (Jacket)
Olympic Blue (Jeggings)
Titanium (Shoes)
Tangerine Tango (Purse)

How did I get away with the four colours? In this case, the rose colour acts as a pseudo-neutral, meaning that it takes on the characteristics of a neutral, even though it is pink.

The next outfit I have for you is...

This outfit is another one that I am loving. It is equal parts girly and borrowed-from-the-boys. I am obsessed with floral leggings right now, they're so cute! BUT you do have to be careful - they can border on looking like something out of your closet from when you were 6, if you don't pair them with grown-up pieces. I would never recommend pairing these leggings with a frilly dress, but a casual, over-sized tee is just the thing to save you from an overdose of little-girl. I added a pair of booties that are kind of army-inspired, but kept the jacket a feminine shape. The green in the pants is echoed in the bag, which helps tie everything together.

I used the following colours in this outfit:

French Roast (T-Shirt & Boots)
Ultramarine Green (Bag & Pants)

I think I am going to try and incorporate some of that bright pink into our next post, as I haven't yet found anywhere to use it!

Hope you are all having a fantastic day!


- A.

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