26 February 2012

I Love My...

I Love My... Tiny Bag!!

Okay… so I only bought this bag yesterday afternoon, but I'm obsessed with it!

Here's why…

1) It's TINY. When I say tiny, I don't mean like "oh, this is smaller than the giant bag I'm used to carrying around." I mean, this thing barely (BARELY!) fits my coach clutch, blackberry, and my keys. With those three items in the bag, there is no room for an EOS lip balm. There is probably room for a single lipstick tube, or a normal-sized Mac Lipglass. But that is all. I am honestly thinking I should probably find a microscopic wallet to go in there so I have room for my iPod… which is also tiny… (it's the newest iPod Nano model) I think I may have a minor "tiny stuff" addiction…

2) It is SUCH a bright yellow! Seriously - it reminds me of a yellow highlighter. I love the smack of neon it gives an outfit (I say smack because that's kind of what it does to your eyeballs; I happen to firmly believe that it is utterly impossible for any shade of neon to simply "pop" - that it is neon automatically indicates that it really does slap you across the face)  - it's so obnoxiously bright that it actually goes with quite a lot of colours, in my opinion.

3) I love the shape of this bag - it's a sturdy little rectangle, that holds it's shape regardless of how much I try and shove into it. It stands up on its own when it's empty, but it isn't uncomfortable when you wear it across the body.

4) The strap. I love that it's kind of belt-inspired. The length is adjustable - it can be a cross-body bag (the length I am using now), or you can shorten the strap and just wear it on one shoulder. In my mind, that almost makes it like having several bags in one, cute little package.

5) It is not a gigantic tote or hobo. I am definitely that person that got used to wearing a gigantic bag that weighs about 10 pounds - this is not only bad for the health of my bag and shoulders, but is also extremely frustrating, as in the bottom of one of my many "pits" as my mother calls them (because they are seemingly endless holes where things go in, but never go out… which is rather more like a black hole than a pit, but you get the idea), is always the nondescript thing that I am looking for - whether that is my phone, or my wallet, I ALWAYS end up dumping out my entire bag to find SOMETHING. Not with this little baby! Obviously since it is a struggle to fit more than 3 things in it, I will not have any trouble locating my stuff. That, I am always good with.

I bought my little yellow love at Old Navy. It is currently on sale, and comes in a few other colours, to my knowledge. If you can't find one at your local Old Navy, here are some other options for you! (I didn't cap the price, but I have some for every budget.)

Bags: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

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