7 February 2012

Product Let-Down #1

Hey Girls!!

Today I wanted to quickly share with you one of those products that I am sure we have all come across. It's that one that you saw in about a hundred videos on Youtube, and people were basically raving about, or a friend recommended it to you, and because you trust her opinion, you picked it up. You tried to love it, but it just wasn't going to happen, and so, it either gets tossed, given away, or, if you're me, sits in your collection for months on end, until you forget how much you hated it, and pull it out again.

I was really let down by this product in particular:

This is the Maybelline Falsies Mascara. Not the falsies flared, or any other falsies incarnation.

Reasons why I really, REALLY wish I'd saved my money on this one?

1) The formula of this mascara was hellishly clumpy when I opened it. It literally globs on the brush, and therefore, those globs transfer to my lashes.

2) The brush itself is utter shit!! I like the fact that it's flexible, but whatever they used to make the bristles on the brush doesn't comb out my lashes one bit. It might as well have no bristles at all.

3) The formula is also really, REALLY wet - This is not to say that I like dry mascaras, but I don't like it to feel like I'm spreading some kind of salad dressing onto my eyelashes. Literally, that is the consistency that I feel as though this mascara has.

I'm sure I could think of more reasons than those three, but I want to keep these posts short and sweet (considering that I usually ramble on for days, it will be a welcome change for all of us), just to avoid getting overly in-depth over it. This mascara did not work for me, I don't like it, and I will not repurchase this. I also will not be purchasing any variation that Maybelline happens to come up with on the product from here on out.

What products are you particularly unimpressed with lately? Leave me a comment and let me know so I can avoid them!



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