22 July 2012

Polish A-Haul-ic

Hey girls! 

Today's post is going to discuss something that may disturb you greatly. The subject? Addiction.

I have an addiction... to nail polish. It's kind of bad.

This, I give you in evidence. It is my most recent nail polish haul.

I went in to Sephora with one of my best friends the other day, and I came away with the following Nails Inc. products... all but one of which were on sale for $5 - $7. I have wanted to try out Nails Inc. products for some time, and I figured that there is no better way to test them out than while they are on sale. So far, I have only tried out the palest pink one, but I am smitten already! At $11.50, they are $1.50 more than OPI products are (before the evil HST is applied), but their application is smooth, and the colours are touted to be totally opaque and true-to-bottle colour in 2 coats. So far, the promise is kept! We'll see with the more colours I try, though.

Here's what I picked up:

Maddox Street, Warwick Avenue, Foubert's Place, Hampstead Gardens,
Brouton Street, Old Park Lane

Hackney (Crackle), Islington (Crackle), Farringdon (Crackle),
Clapham (Crackle), Gatwick (Matte)

Sweets Way (from the new "Sprinkles" line!)

Originally, I had more from the "Sprinkles" line picked up, but I decided against them, as at the time, I wasn't even sure I'd care for the brand. So far, though, I am obsessed. They wear better than my OPI or Essie polishes do, most of the time, and the packaging is totally adorable. I love the little silvertone lid!

As value for money goes, the quality is amazing, but the size of the bottle is smaller - meaning it does not hold as much. Here's how one bottle of Nails Inc. stacks up against the competition in my collection:

I sat one bottle of each brand of polish up side by side, and I took note of how many millilitres were in each bottle. The lineup is as follows:

I'll start on the left and work across.

China Glaze: 14 mL for $6 - $8
Sephora by OPI: 15 mL for about $12
Essie: 13.5 mL for $8 - $10
NARS: 15 mL for $24
Nails Inc.: 10 mL for $11.50
Orly: 18 mL for about $10
Zoya: 15 mL for $10
OPI: 15 mL for $10

Obviously you pay a wee bit more for the Nails Inc. Colours than more common brands like OPI or Essie, but what you lack in volume, I think, is made up in quality. When I get paid next, I will definitely be going back to my local Sephora and pick up more of these adorable (and amazing!) little polishes!

If you know of any great discount sites I can get them from, please leave me a comment - I am always up for saving money on things like this!!

Hope you're all having an amazing day!


- A.

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