24 June 2012

Inspired By: Ice Cream!

Hi Girls!

Today's post is going to be the beginnings of something I'd like to try with this blog - outfits inspired by summery things. Today, it's ice cream. The following are two looks I put together based on two different ice cream flavours - because what's a warm spring/summer day without ice cream?

Let's jump right in! 

Flavour Inspiration: Strawberry

I love pink, and strawberry is one of my all-time favourite ice cream flavours. It makes me feel like I'm being less un-healthy when I eat it, because sometimes you find bits of actual strawberry right in the ice cream (Strawberry is a fruit - fruit is good for you, therefore, strawberries in ice cream cancel out the "bad" of the ice cream. Win--win!).

I put this outfit together because when I think of strawberry ice cream, I think of pink, and things that are really girly. So, this is what I came up with. It's equal parts girly and vintage-inspired, while still being just casual enough for daily life. 

Flavour Inspiration: Mint Chip

One of my brother's favourite ice cream flavours is mint chip - personally, I am more fond of the colour than the flavour, despite my love of mint and chocolate together (this is why I love my EOS lip balm in Sweet Mint so much - it smells and tastes like an Andes chocolate - yum!) This outfit is a bit more nautically inspired - the top has sailboats on it, which is what brings me the nautical trend. I tried to keep the accessories fairly neutral and natural-looking, because I did also hit on the bright pants trend, the colour of which is echoed in the bag. I like this one a lot - it's really an outfit I'd try for this summer - it's more out-of-my-box than the other was.

I hope you enjoyed this post!! I will be trying more of these "Inspired By" posts soon, I think. 



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