29 June 2012

How To... Wear A LOT of Colour!

Hello Ladies!

So far this summer, it has been... well... a bit obnoxious. The weather has been a lot like a yo-yo - although lately it has certainly been on the hot side! Not that I am complaining, I have been loving all this sun (you should see the tan on me!), but the humidity is something I could do without.

Although the tropical heat and humidity of summer tends to bring out the frizz in your hair, I also find it brings out something else - colour, and lots of it! One of this summer's hottest trends (see what I did there? Summer.. HOT trends??... okay, moving to the point now) has been colour blocking. Although it's really simple to go out and purchase an already colour blocked top, or dress, it may be a lot more fun to shop your closet - and to style things you already own! That way, you can just enjoy the air conditioning in the mall, and not worry about fitting room lineups! 

Please note that the following two outfits are not for the faint of heart. If you are only testing out colour blocking, and not yet ready for the whole-hog, there are a number of excellent pieces on the market to test drive (I'll feature those later on!). These two outfits are truly meant for those of you ready to close your eyes and jump in at the deep end of the pool. 

The first is for one of those extra-hot summer days, where you want something that will look cute, and help keep you cool:

I love tank tops in summer, particularly those that have thick straps - I find them more classy and versatile than those with the spaghetti straps, and they allow for the all-important bra. 

I also adore pink and yellow together - the colour combination is unexpected, as most people pair hot pink with greens or blues, and I find the touches of turquoise pop very nicely as accent shades. 

Please note that it's best not to exceed more than 2-3 colours in outfits like these - otherwise you risk looking like Rainbow Bright's younger sister.

All of the accessories in this outfit are interchangeable - you don't have to wear sneakers, you could do flip-flops instead, but I think the sneakers add a laid-back and funky vibe to the overall outfit. Wedges would also work if you were going on a daytime date. Shoes can have a lot of influence on an outfit - just changing your shoes can change the whole tone! (hmmm... idea post for later?? Yes, I do think so!)

Anyhow, I think this outfit is super-cute, and fun for summer days.

The next outfit, is for days (or evenings) when the weather turns a bit cooler, but you still want to wear colour in your outfit.

I love sheer tops like this for summer - they're so feminine and pretty! The lilac colour on this, and the lack of collar make it super unique. Obviously, due to the fact that it's sheer, you're going to want a white or nude cami/tank top underneath.

I really like lilac and minty green together. The mint is really on-trend this season, which makes the overall outfit really, really trendy.

I decided to tone down the outfit by keeping the accessories (minus the shoes, which are the same lilac colour as the top, and... believe it or not, as cute as they are, they are Crocs!!) really neutral. I went with the softer cream and brown to stop the neutrals from being so stark.

I think that although this outfit is still really casual, that it would be good for a non-fancy night out with friends, or another casual date.

It's really fun to wear tropical-heat inspired colours in the summer - they can show off your tan, and give off the vibe that you're really fun and confident!

As with all things, though, to rock an outfit successfully, you have to have confidence! Your best accessory is always a smile.

If you have ideas for other posts on my blog (I am trying to get more posts up, more often this summer!)

I hope you are all having an amazing summer, and that you are really enjoying this heat!


- A.

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